About Us
Who We Are
We are PT Neural Technologies Indonesia

Our History

Neural Technologies Indonesia (NTI) was founded in 2007 as a leading IT company with a focus on telecommunications, healthcare and medical devices, and diverse industries such as oil and gas. Our broad spectrum of services includes offering equipment and IT tech support for companies in various sectors. We take pride in providing skilled engineers and expert staff to meet the unique needs of our clients. 

Furthermore, NTI is dedicated to developing custom tools for enterprise resource planning and delivering integrated information and technology services. Our approach is tailored to the scale and specific requirements of each client, ensuring a comprehensive and effective solution for their business challenges.

About Us
Our Vision
Our vision is to become a company with integrity that is trusted in providing the best solution for our clients
About Us
Beliefs and Values
We are committed to always improving the quality of our services, learning from previous shortcomings and continue to adapt in line with developments in information and technology.

Our missions are: to become a partner for clients in the implementation of good corporate governance; To provide integrated and reliable telecommunication technology and information system; To provide good quality services supported by credible experts; To  provide professional manpower for client companies;

Our Services

Core Values
The main keys in providing the best solutions for our clients is with great values we uphold. Commitment, integrity, discipline, adaptability and good cooperation are the core values of NTI.