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        Our MPS Solution is for

        Outsourcing solutions for various types of industries. Our experts can help you manage work in the IT, Oil & Gas, Mining, and other fields according to your company's needs

        Neural MPS Benefit  

        Collaborating with Neural MPS will give you some benefit


        Using outsourcing staff can provide additional financial efficiency for the Company


        Penggunaan tenaga kerja outsourcing akan mema

        Core Bisnis

        Utilizing outsourcing staff can help you focus on your main tasks

        Employee Management

        Collaborating with a third party will help you reduce the complexity of managing employees

        Why Neural MPS?



        Neural MPS solution will help you maintain the stability of the company's cash flow, but the outsourced salary payments is still on time



        All Neural MPS outsourced employees will still be treated like company employees by legalizing PKWT employees and reporting employees to the Ministry of Manpower and registering to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan.

        Employee Management

        Neural MPS will manage all employees based on the Human Capital system by conducting Personality tests and coaching for all employees. Management of MPS neural employees will also be carried out through the JustClick HCMS application, so that work becomes more effective and efficient.

        Our Team Expert

        Our expert will help you to keep focus on your core business and support your business in non-core activities

        Information Technology

        Oil & Gas

        Transform your company now, and experience the improvements.